E.A. of Euboea


The Ephorate of Antiquities of Euboea (E.A. of Euboea), was founded in 2014. It is a regional service of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, at directorate level. It is based in Chalkis and is responsible for the Regional Unit of Euboea.

It is responsible for the protection and management of antiquities that date from earliest history to the founding of the new Greek State in 1830, as well as the churches and monuments of later years. Its aim is the scientific study, discovery, preservation, maintenance, protection, display, promotion and guarding of antiquities, their exhibition in museums, as well as their participation in exhibitions both at home and abroad. Furthermore, the activities of the Ephorate include the planning, programming, management and execution of any archaeological preservation work, repair, restoration, reinforcement, display and laying out of monuments and archaeological sites, as well as their immediate natural or other environment. It is also responsible for the scientific study and publicising of antiquities, takes part in international and European programmes, organises seminars, conferences and educational activities.


The project

Until 2014 the 23rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities was responsible for the Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments in Euboea, Boeotia and Skyros. The project 'Multi-media services and web-based information for places of archaeological interest in Eubeoa and Boeotia' was designed by the head and staff of the 23rd Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, and was realised at part of the NSRF 2007-2013.