Into the Krya Gorge

Starting from Livadeia, an important medieval city - whose most important monuments are located along the length of the Ekryna Gorge in the area of Krya - one can visit Livadeia castle with its water tower. The braver amongst you must follow the steep path, the Trichino Bridge, inside the gorge. The beauty of the area is unique and well worth the visit.

While heading out of Livadeia, you should not miss the chance to visit one of the most important Byzantine monasteries, the monastery of Hosios Loukas the Steirite, where the imposing monastery church is located adjacent to the equally important church of Panagia.

The refectory area houses an exhibition of sculpture from the monastery and the surrounding area. The underground arcades of the north wing have been restored and are now open to visitors, and contain information about the monastery. Finally, the excavated archaeological remains within the modern town of Antikyra (basilica, baths, homes), provide a good picture of what a medieval settlement looked like.