A walk through Byzantine Thebes

Includes 4 stops/visits
The starting point of the route is the archaeological site in the basement of the courthouse, where excavations have uncovered part of a Byzantine neighbourhood.

It is then worth going on to see the church of Agios Gregorios, one of the most important churches of Byzantine times, on the south east of Cadmeia. A cemetery complex has been discovered on the Tzoumanis plot, consisting of a cemetery church, of which the apse has survived.

Rising in the north section of Cadmeia, in the courtyard area of the archaeological museum, is the Tower of Saint Omer, known by the name of its builder, Nicholas II of Saint Omer, and the best-preserved section of the medieval fortifications in the city. The monument has been recently restored, and its interior houses an exhibition related to the tower itself, as well as the city. It is well-worth a visit.