The Distomo Archaeological Collection

The exhibition of the Distomo Archaeological Collection includes finds from the ancient Phocaean cities of Amvrosso (modern Distomo), Medeona (the acropolis and graveyard), Karakolitho, Antikyra and Voulis (Zaltsa).


Modules of the exhibition:

- Stelae [grave markers] (Entrance hall)
There is a display of eight stelae, topped with either a palmette or a pediment, which date from the Classic and Hellenistic periods and were found in the Distomo area. Also on display in the entrance hall is a stele with a horseman, from ancient Voulis.


- Antiquities from Distomo and Antikyra (first gallery)
There is a display of finds from different periods, which come from the rescue excavations in Distomo and Antikyra.


- Ceramics (second gallery)
There is a display of mostly pottery from the wider area of Distomo (Zemno, Karakolitho, Medeona and Antikyra). This provides the visitor with an idea of the evolution of the ceramics produced in local workshops from Mycenaean to Roman times.