The Archaeological Museum of Schimatari

The refurbished Archaeological Museum of Schimatari re-opened in 2006. Through the mostly funereal finds in the current permanent exhibition, the visitor can follow the evolution of Tanagran art through the centuries, and learn something of the history behind the exhibits, and the myths, worship and funeral practices with which they were connected. The inscriptions, genuine, living records of the ancient history of the area, contain information on festivals, the economy, the administration, and cultural and commercial interaction with other areas. Recent investigations have provided further evidence of the historic and monumental topography of the area. The museum is housed in an old building, which was founded by the 'En Athinais' Archaeological Society in 1890. The exhibits in the courtyard area and the five galleries inside the museum cover the Prehistoric to early Christian periods.

The museum includes the following galleries that are open to visitors:

  • The Prehistoric period
  • The Ancient period
  • The Classical period
  • The Hellenistic period
  • The Roman period